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Terms of Service


Last updated: 26th April 2015


Statick provides an online platform connecting static caravan owners with guests seeking accommodation (as a service). By using the site, you agree to comply with and are legally bound by the terms of service whether you decide to become a member of the site or not.


Statick reserves the right at any time to modify the site or terms of service at its sole discretion including service fees and members data without prior notice. By continuing to use or access the site after modifications indicates your acceptance of the changes. If you feel the changes are not acceptable you must cease to use the site and make us aware.


The site is intended solely for persons of and above the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from access to the site.

How the Site Works

The site can only be used to facilitate the listing and booking of privately owned static caravans based in the UK. Listings may be viewed by non registered users but all actions related to the creation of listings or booking of accommodation must first be a registered member.

Statick facilitates the communication, payment, booking and listing of privately owned static caravans. Statick is not the owner, operator or provider of the listed properties. Unless otherwise explicitly stated Statick responsibilities are limited to, facilitate the availability of the site, to serve as a limited payment collection agent of each owner for the purposes of accepting payments from the guest on the owners behalf.

Accounts and Registration

In order to use the features and facilities of the site you must register an account with the site first. You can also register your account with the site using third party social media platforms such as but not limited to Facebook. By registering an account with the site indicates you are permitted to use the third party account, information and service.

Statick will use the supplied information on registration to create your account and profile. You agree registration with the site and any alterations to your profile are accurate and complete. You may not have more than one account registered with the site at any time. You are responsible for the security of your password and account information and agree to not disclose your password or other account information to any third party.

Property Listing

As a registered member of the site you may create listings, each listing must represent a single property, each property must only have one listing. When creating your listing you will be asked to supply information regarding the property which you must ensure is accurate and complete. It is the owners or advertisers responsibility to ensure the accuracy of each listing they create. You must ensure you have permission to list the property and supply the services offered to guest. Statick has the right at any time without prior notice to remove or modify any listing for any reason at its sole discretion.

As an owner you understand and agree that Statick does not act as an insurer or as your contracted agent. Any bookings made are an agreement between the owner and the guest, Statick is not party to such agreement. Payments made for a booking using the site act as a limited authorised payment collection of the owner from the guest, payments from guests to the owner amount to those stipulated by the owner, excluding deposits.

Payment collection from guests on behalf of the owner will only be accepted for members whom have accurately indicated a permanent UK address in there registered account profile. Registered owners whom fail to supply forwarding bank account information within their registered profile will receive authorised and accepted payments via their registered address. Users failing to supply a permanent UK address will have any bookings made though the site cancelled.

Statick recommends that all owners obtain suitable insurance for their property before any booking is made, and understand all policies with regards to the insurance. The owner must ensure that any insurance obtained continues to cover any actions or inactions with regards to guests bookings using the site.

Bookings and Financial Terms

As an owner if a request for booking your property using the site you will be required to either confirm or reject the booking within a suitable time based on the acceptance duration of Statick. Those bookings that have not indicated confirmation or rejection within the acceptance duration will automatically become rejected. When a booking is made using the site we will share with you information regarding the booking, owner and the guest. Notification of a booking will be sent to your registered email address which we cannot be held responsible for undeliverable emails from your email provider.

Bookings which have not been indicated as rejected or accepted will have a pre authorised request to the guests payment method. No payment is taken until the owner indicates the acceptance of the booking. Payments to the owner for the booking are intended to be paid within 48 hours of the guests arrival at the accommodation. Statick cannot be held responsible for any delay in third party payment processing that may delay payments.

At any stage before payment is made to the owner the guest indicates a complaint with the service received from the owner Statick reserves the right to withhold any payment to the owner. If you owe or agree to pay an amount to Statick then Statick has the right to withhold any amount up to the amount owed. Cancellations of an accepted booking where Statick has taken payment are subject to the cancellation policy of the listing, any cancellation within the cancellation policy where payment has been taken will be refunded. Any cancellation outside of the policy of the listing may have payments withheld until a suitable outcome is agreed between the owner and guest.

Each owner appoints Statick as the owners limited payment collection agent solely for the purpose of accepting accommodation fees from guests. Each owner agrees to make the accommodation available to the guest in the agreed upon manner, as if the owner has received the accommodation fees. Failure to supply accommodation to the guest in the agreed upon manner will be the responsibility of the owner, whom is responsible for supplying alternative accommodation for the period of the booking where the guest does not have access to the agreed accommodation.

The owner and not Statick is solely responsible for honouring any confirmed booking and making accommodation available. Any guest choosing to enter into a transaction with the owner for a booking agrees and understands you will be entering an agreement with the owner and accept any terms, rules or regulations associated and imposed by the owner.

Refundable Deposits

Owners may choose to include a refundable deposit in their listing. Each listing and booking will clearly indicate the amount required as a refundable deposit which will be added to the total amount paid when booking. Statick is not responsible for the acceptance or rejection of the refund of the refundable deposit. After the guest has left the property the owner will indicate to Statick if the refundable deposit is to be refunded to the guest. If the owner fails to indicate to Statick in the duration set by Statick any acceptance or refusal of refunding the refundable deposit, the refundable deposit will be refunded to the guest. The refundable deposit is an agreement between the owner and guest, in a situation where the owner refuses to refund the refundable deposit the owner must produce a detailed explanation with evidence of the reasons the refundable deposit is to be withheld. Until both owner and guest agree on the outcome of the refundable deposit Statick has the right to withhold the sum of the refundable deposit.

Service Fee

Each booking accepted by an owner is subject to a service fee, the service fee is set by Statick, Statick has the right to change the service fee at its sole discretion. The service fee is a non refundable fee paid to Statick for each booking. The service fee is added to the total paid by the guest based on the percentage of the subtotal for the booking.