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Being an owner

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Statick was created in 2014 to answer the need for a simple and accessible solution to private static caravan hire. A new way to directly hire static caravans in a managed and controlled community, built simply on trust, recommendation and transparency.

Hundreds of owners and guests choose to create a free Statick account so they can list their caravans easily or book holidays directly from the owner.

New Owners

You should not just jump into renting your static caravan without first some thought. We have compiled a few obvious things we advise you to think about before taking the plunge.

Ensure you have permission. Most in this situation will own their static caravan, but with joint ownership or static caravan management it is a priority to ensure everybody involved agrees, not only to the initial idea but many of the other items mentioned below. Ascertain from the site operator all regulations and terms related to you renting your static caravan privately, in some situations there may be certain stipulations you should be fully aware of.

Get suitable insurance. You may already have insurance on your static caravan, if not you are highly advised to seek a suitable policy. You should ensure your new/existing policy will cover you for all actions and even non actions related to you renting your static caravan. Understand your policy fully before accepting any bookings which will ensure your investment is protected. It would also be advised you seek a policy for liability insurance relating to occupancy of your static caravan, otherwise a small accident related to a guest could spiral into endless issues.

Pricing your holidays. You must think fully about the prices you charge your guests, we have no defined answer but many of our users have their own methods. Some rely on comparison of other similar caravans located at the same site as theirs, others relate their pricing structure based on their annual site fees with the intention of a small profit. Ensure you have gone over the figures and have a clear defined goal for the end of the season, this will help breakdown the weeks with markups on school holidays and popular days.

Managing the change over. A number of services must be in place to handle your change over days, be sure to have access to a cleaner with enough time and flexibility before your next guests arrive. Many site operators supply cleaning services though in most situations you are not required to use the onsite cleaning services you may attempt this yourself of hire a private professional. It is also required that an inspection of the caravan is performed once vacated, ensure there is no damage or loss to the caravan and you can maintain the services as advertised, this will also relate to your refundable deposits below.

Terms and deposits. If you decide to rent your static caravan it should be run as a business, in turn this will require clearly defined terms and conditions related to the services you supply and behaviour and conditions with regards to your guests. This is your opportunity to lay down some ground rules with regards to issues such as smoking, pets, jumping on the beds and so forth. Many owners require the guest to pay a refundable deposit against damage and breaches of terms, this should be defined in your terms with clear definitions of scenarios resulting in the loss of the deposit for the guest.

Accepting guest bookings. Fantastic you have had some interest and a booking for your static caravan, but hold on something does not feel right. Follow your instincts when accepting a booking from a guest, as it may cost more to put things right than their stay has paid. Attempt to contact your guest, direct them to your terms and conditions or just ask some questions so you have the opportunity to gauge them. Don't ever be scared to reject a booking if you feel uncomfortable with it.

The above is not a definitive guide and you should seek suitable advice where required.

More information coming soon

We will bring you more information about being an owner very soon.