Being an Owner

List Your Caravan

Being an owner
We encourage you to share your static caravan with us whether its prestigious or just a quiet hideaway, that way we can keep you booked all season long. It's free to add your caravan all you need to do is sign up and begin your listing. When you are ready to start welcoming your guests, your listing will be published for the world to see.


Guests will often search for caravans which match their specific requirements, we cannot emphasis enough how important it is to accurately describe your caravan, and not just the big things like its location. When describing your caravan answer important questions such as if you have a Wifi connection and be sure to include the small things that give your caravan character.

Be sure to keep your listing up to date and feel free to continuously update your description answering common questions potential guests may ask.


Your caravan will likely be overlooked and give a bad impression if it does not have good quality clear photographs, many potential guests will simply flick through hundreds of different caravans judging each on the cover photograph.

Clear professional well lit photographs can make the world of difference when competing for guests attention, try to avoid photographs which contain snow or overcast weather, and although we understand that nature calls, you do not want potential guests judging your caravan based on a cover photograph of the toilet facilities.

Responding To Your Guests

We make it very easy for both potential and current guests to contact you, you should make all attempts to respond to any queries quickly and clearly to give your guests a more professional service.

Responding to queries

Your response to guests queries will usually make the first impression of the service they will receive when booking your caravan, its important to give the best impression by responding quickly in a clear and error free way. Try to avoid spelling mistakes and clearly answer all questions the guests has asked as accurately as you can. We allow you to set in your profile your expected response time to any queries and you should try to meet this as much as you can.

Responding to complaints

Complaints can sometimes feel like an attack but the majority of complaints you will find are simple confusion or misinterpretation of information. Attempt to use any complaints you may receive constructively to make improvements or update the information in your listing. We encourage both the guest and owner to attempt to resolve any matter amicably so both parties feel any complaint is resolved. But if the matter goes beyond this contact one of our team.

Unable to respond

In the very rare occasion you cannot contact a guest then you must make us aware of this immediately.

Welcoming Your Guests

We all know that few seconds as you open the door to your accommodation can be quite daunting, so when welcoming your guest you need to make a great first impression ensuring the caravan is clean and as it had been described.

Check In

Ensure before your guest travels to make them aware and clear of any check in procedures they must follow. Be sure that the caravan is in a fit state for your guests arrival, and try to make them feel as welcome as possible. On your guests arrival a bunch of flowers and some information about the caravan can make the world of difference.

During Their Stay

All your preparations before the guest arrived should see your guests having a great time, but try to be available during this period to quickly respond to any issues that may arise. In the rare occasion a problem does arise then you must make us aware by contacting us.

Check Out

It's not ready yet, but we are creating a review system so when you guest returns from their holiday, they can leave some feedback of their holiday with you for others to see. Now all that is left is for a quick inspection of the caravan to ensure there is no damage, once you are happy you can return their refundable deposit on the reservation page for that booking. If you feel you cannot refund the deposit you must contact us as soon as possible else the deposit will automatically be refunded.


We understand that you may have more questions so encourage you to read more or contact us with anything that might be on your mind.