Being a Guest


Being a guest
Statick owners have 57 caravans available in 110 UK holiday parks ready for you to book. All you have to do is type the destination into the search bar and discover some of the great holidays we have available.

Help Searching

We attempt to make searching for your holiday as easy as possible including date and price pickers, once you have found a suitable caravan we try to give you as much relevant information as we can, you can then consider and make an informed decision, if you are not sure bookmark the caravan using the wishlist so you can return to the listing later. When you have decided you can then simply contact the owner directly or use our booking tools to make an instant reservation.

Our search application allows you to find caravans in a particular holiday park, but if you are not sure which is right, we allow you to search using towns and counties which has much more information about the surroundings you will be staying in. We encourage our members to add their own information to these pages so you get the best local knowledge from other guests and owners.


We have a couple of different ways to book and encourage you to use the best one that suits you, we want you to communicate with the owner and we try to make it as easy as possible, you can choose to book by contacting the owner directly, but it is encouraged that when making a booking you do it using the website, this allows us to help protect your booking and manage complicated online payments.

Making Payments

When making a booking there are a number of processes working to ensure we give you a great service. Upon making a booking with the website we will take your payment details, these are securely held up to the time that your booking has been accepted by the owner. During this stage no payments will be taken as we wait for the owner of the caravan to accept your booking, within 3 days the owner will approve or decline your booking, once approved payment will be taken and held in escrow. This means we do not pay the owner until you have arrived and settled in.

Your Deposit

Some owners require that a refundable deposit is paid, this deposit is held in escrow and protects the owner from damage and other behaviour in breach of the owners policies. In the very rare occasion that the owner feels behaviour has caused undue loss then owner will have the right to refuse the refund of this deposit. Obviously if you find any damage upon arrival the owner should be made aware of this straight away. On most occasions after you have checked out the owner will inform us they are happy with the state the caravan was vacated in and inform us to issue the refund of the deposit. If this is not the case we encourage the guest and owner to communicate to resolve the matter in an acceptable way for both parties.


To help protect both the guest and owner we have created clear cancellation policies which the owner must assign to their listing, during the allowed cancellation period for your booking both the guest and owner can make a cancellation of the booking, if your booking has been cancelled you will be sent an email informing you of this followed within 48 hours any refund due.


Once you have booked and packed its time for you to enjoy your holiday, all you have to do is get there. We encourage at all stages that you communicate with the owner to avoid anything unexpected.

Before You Arrive

Before going send a message to the owner to arrange your check in time and procedure, it will also give you the opportunity to understand any policies or questions you may have for the owner. During this time we will send you an email outlining your itinerary and contact details for the owner. You can view your booking from your dashboard where you can contact the owner or cancel your plans.

During Your Stay

We want you to enjoy this time but the rare occasion you are not happy or need help we would advise you to contact the owner and Statick to make us aware of an issue as soon as possible.

When You Return

It's not ready yet, but we are creating a review system so when you return from your holiday, you can leave some feedback of you holiday for others to see.


We understand that you may have more questions so encourage you to read more or contact us with anything that might be on your mind.