Cancellation Policies

Statick allows owners to choose between a number of cancellation policies for their properties, this allows us to protect both the guest and owner with a clear policy that both parties can understand. Each listing and reservation made will clearly display it's assigned cancellation policy so guests can review any penalties and limitations.

Any cancellations in breach of the cancellation policy for the property will require an agreed resolution by both the guest and owner, Statick will have the final say in any failure to resolve out of terms cancellations.

Moderate: Full refund 7 full days prior to the check in, except service fees.

  • Statick service fee is non refundable.
  • Cancellation refunds can take up to 48 hours to process.
  • If there is a complaint by either the guest or owner, Statick must be made aware of this within 24 hours of check in.
  • Statick will mediate when required and has the final decision in any complaint or cancellation.
  • A reservation is cancelled when the owner or guest submits the cancel form from the reservation page.
  • Only in extenuating circumstances can the cancellation policy be overruled.
  • Cancellations outside of the policy will require both parties to agree the outcome.
  • Failure to attempt a resolution of a complaint or cancellation in a reasonable time will indicate acceptance.

7 days prior
Thu, Jun 13
Check in
Thu, Jun 19
Check out
Thu, Jun 26